Factors influencing Website Designing


                              GLEAM TECHNOLOGIES

Website designing nowadays has set a mark on the new online culture. Almost every business company  runs a website of its own. It helps the company and even a single man’s business major help. Because of online market rising drastically website designing have become an inevitable part of the market. A website is the best medium to draw traffic in any work sphere.

As we all know the first impression is certainly the last. Therefore it is foremost important to focus on the look and feel of the website. There are numerous factors which affect the website immensely.

  1. Layout

It definitely affects the site’s look. If anything does not fall in systematic pattern the site looks incomplete and unattractive.

  1. Color

Be the colors vibrant or sober, they should complement the site. The colors should not all by itself lower down the website’s look.

  1. Graphics

Graphics are more than just important. The placement of icons, logos, contents, size everything is done by graphics. Therefore there should be no mistake from the graphic end.

  1. Content

Relevant content is the key to your websites success. Once you put anything rubbish or irrelevant, you would lose the traffic right there.

  1. Technology

Technology affects the site immensely. Updated technology attracts people to a whole new level so make sure your tech is nowhere outdated.

  1. Interactive

Audience looks for things which are interactive. If they don’t happen to indulge in them anyhow, then no way they are going to come to the site again. EVER!

  1. Right pictures

Right pictures attract right audience. Right audience means right expansion. Right expansion means your website is right and good to go.
If you wish to design a website, make sure you focus on these aspects to get the best outcome. Often when we see any website we have our reactions limited to YES, NO and WOW. If you wish your traffic to say ‘wow’ then make sure these points are well executed in your websites.

Gleam technologies values the consequences of a well-made website and thus helps you teach the best technologies and ways to make one. So make sure you bring the best use of its services. Design something with gleam technologies help which can force people to say nothing but wow.


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