Tips to ensure safety for your mobile apps

gleam technologies gleam technologies chennai,	 gleam technologies pvt. ltd,	 gleam technologies pondicherry,	 gleam technologies india,	 gleam technologies hyderabad,	In this generation of smart phones, mobile apps have become an integral part of our lives. We have become so much dependent on these apps that it would be hard to imagine a life without these facilities. However, some people feel concerned about the safety and security of their data while using these apps. Experts from Gleam Technologies say that with a bit of carefulness you can ensure the safety of your mobile apps. Read on to know more:

  • Source Code Encryption

Mobile malware frequently taps bugs and susceptibilities within the design and source code of the mobile application. Latest reports suggest that malicious code contaminates more than 12 million mobile devices at any given time, and the most common way attackers do it is by repackaging popular apps into “rogue apps” and publishing the same. This is the reason why you need to encrypt you source code.

  • Make Provisions for Data Security

When a mobile application accesses some confidential data, then unstructured information generally gets stored within the device storage. Mobile data encryption can be effectively used to secure the data in a sandbox, and can this can be done by using SQLite Database Encryption Modules or by offering file-level encryption across multiple Operating systems.

  • Secure the Data-in-transit

Important information needs to be sheltered in order to ensure zero privacy leaks and data theft. Developers can make sure that user data remains thoroughly protected by employing support for VPN or SSL tunnels, thereby protecting data from being leaked.

  • Avoid Unintentional Data Leakage

When a user interacts with your app, they agree to certain permissions, which allow brands and businesses, and even you to glean crucial personal customer information. By properly implementing advertising and using secure analytics providers, you can ensure that your user data never gets unintentionally leaked to hackers or malicious business vendors.


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