iOS or Android: Which Platform to Opt From?

In this technology-dominant scenario, iOS and Android are considered to be the most overriding mobile platforms driving the Smartphone and tablet market across the globe. Apple, being one of the highly regarded electronic brands has constantly sustained a strong global market share, whereas Android, has emerged as the most extensively used mobile OS , and is accessible on devices across vivid price-ranges. However, it has always been a matter of discussion whether Android or IOS is better for a business that requires reaching out to its target audiences through a mobile app. Therefore, Gleam Technologies Neyveli evaluated both the iOS and Android platforms, to find out which one is better.



Android, at this time is enjoying the leading share globally with a remarkable Presence in the developing nations. On the other side, research suggests that iOS is usually used by people in the developed nations, having higher incomes, and more significantly, spend more on phone apps. Therefore, if you are planning to reach out more and more people across the globe, and aim both low-income & high-income groups, you must opt for Android or else you can get your business app developed for the iOS platform.

Revenue Generation

There are two sorts of mobile apps – one that is designed for in-app revenue generation and the others are basically free to use. As Apple users are popular with spending more on apps and in-app purchases, the Android users are not as overgenerous with their spending. Consequently, if you are seeking to launch an app from which you intend to generate revenue, iOS should unquestionably be your platform of choice. In addition, Android holds a higher percentage of free, ad-supported applications and should be focused only if you wish to reach out to a larger audience irrespective of their expenditure pattern.

Cost of development

The expenditure in developing an app is directly proportional to the amount of time required to develop it.. The longer it stretches, the higher will be the cost of the app. Since Android takes a bit more time in development, the total cost of developing an Android app is a bit higher than what is actually required to get an app developed for iOS.


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